I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at Northwestern University. My first area of focus is American Politics; my second is Methodology. My research focuses on the political effects of intergroup experiences. In this area, I am exploring how different kinds of social encounters matter differently, how environmental factors moderate these effects, and how such contact influences a wide range of political and social outcomes. This research represents both an application and extension of existing research in political and social psychology.

In addition to my research on intergroup experiences, I have a series of other research projects that study partisan stereotypes, political tolerance, disagreement, attitudes towards combinations of outgroups, framing, the expression and effects of populism, and the political effects of apolitical events. Although this research generally focuses on the United States, some of these working papers apply experimental designs in other countries as well. I am also interested in experimental design, survey methodology, causal inference, and more complex statistical models (such as structural equation modeling).

You can access my CV here