You can access my teaching philosophy and larger teaching portfolio here.

Clemson University:

American National Government, Fall 2019 – POSC 1010, instructor of record, Syllabus

Quantitative Methods, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019 – POSC 3410, instructor of record, Syllabus

Mass Media in American Politics, Spring 2019 – POSC 3430, instructor of record, Syllabus

Public Opinion, Fall 2018 – POSC 4890, instructor of record, Syllabus

Brigham Young University:

Public Opinion and Voting, Summer 2017 – Poli 317, instructor of recordSyllabus


Linear Models (graduate), TA Syllabus

Introduction to Empirical Methods in Political Science (undergraduate), TA Syllabus

Sports, Politics, and Public Opinion (undergraduate), TA